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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about making a booking?

  • Either ring or email us to check availability. 

  • Call our office to confirm your booking upon which we will take a £50 per day deposit on a debit or credit card to secure your booking. Credit card payments are subject to additional fees. 

  • We will email you a booking confirmation. 

  • When you come to collect your vehicle, we will require a credit card to pre-authorise a £500 payment to cover the insurance excess. This is much the same as a pre-authorisation taken when booking a hotel room or hire car. No money will be taken from your card prior to the hire and this excess will not be charged providing the horsebox is returned without any damage.

  • Collect your vehicle. We will give you a full tour of how everything works.

  • Have a good trip!

  • Full payment is normally taken when you collect the horsebox - payable via either debit or credit card.



Changes to drivers licences


Following the government scrapping of the paper part of the driver license, we now need all drivers to provide us with a digital pin 72hrs prior to their hire. 

The process is fairly simple and details can be found or by calling the DVLA 0300 0830013.



Do I need to pay a deposit?

All horsebox hires are subject to a £50 per day deposit.

We pre-authorise £500 from your card upon the hire period commencing. This will not be debited providing the lorry is returned, on time, clean, and with the same level of diesel as when collected. Please see the terms and conditions for charges relating to refuelling, damage, cleaning and late return of the vehicle.



Can I take my dog?

Dogs are permitted but clients must be careful that your canine friend does not damage the interior.



Do we need to clean the horsebox before we return it?


Yes. Please return the vehicle the same condition as it was when you hired it. 

However, if you do not have the time we can valet the vehicle for a £15 charge.



Is my horse insured when travelling in your horsebox?

No. Galloway Horsebox Hire Ltd is not responsible for insuring your horse when travelling in any of our vehicles. 

We provide you with full comprehensive insurance to cover the horsebox along with national breakdown cover in case of any incidents. You are solely responsible for taking out insurance on your horse when using our vehicles.



What documents do I need to bring with me?


Valid driving licence, along with one proof of address ( i.e utility bill/bank statement) that is less than 4 months old. 

Completed insurance questionnaire. 

You must now provide us with a digital pin for your driving licence 72hrs prior to your hire. 



Can we leave a vehicle at the collection point?

Yes, you can leave a vehicle in our yard.


Do I need a special licence?

Anyone over 22years with a valid UK licence can drive our 3.5t horsebox on a normal car licence.



Is the mileage restricted?

Yes. The daily limit is 300 miles. Additional mileage charged at 50p/mile.



What are your opening times?

Our office hours are 8 - 6pm Monday - Friday. Saturday and Sunday collection and drop off can very easily be arranged.



If I make a cancellation will I lose my deposit?


All bookings made require a £50.00 per day non-refundable deposit. 

There are no exceptions to the deposit being non-refundable.



Do I need to travel with my horses' passport?

Yes, you must by law always travel with your horses' passport when utilising one of our vehicles.
A horse may not be transported without their passport – this includes travelling to shows or even a few miles for a hack. Movement ‘on foot’ is fine. Anyone without a passport has three hours to produce it and faces a fine.  

Please follow this link for more information:



Can I have more than one driver?


Yes, of course, you can have more than one driver. Unlike other horsebox hire companies, we don’t charge you an excess for having more than one driver. We understand that when you’re on a long journey it makes sense to have more than one driver sharing the miles. 



Will my horse fit in one of your horseboxes?


We have had a number of 17.2hh horses travel very happily in our horsebox but every horse is different so it is your responsibility to ensure that your horse will fit, load and travel comfortably before making a booking.




Can I travel into the Low Emissions Zone (Is the horsebox LEZ compliant)?

Yes, all our horseboxes are fully LEZ compliant.



Do you sell horseboxes?

Yes. We like to keep our fleet fresh so we've always got new horseboxes in build and coming into the fleet.  This means that we periodically have horseboxes available for purchase. Please contact our office for more details.



How old do I have to be to hire a horsebox?

22 years old. Due to insurance costs, currently, our minimum age is 22 years old to hire one of our horseboxes. 


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